Randles wins the Stansell Family Distinguished Research Award

April 26, 2023

Amanda Randles
Amanda Randles, PhD

Stansell Family Distinguished Research Award is Given each year to an outstanding researcher. These faculty inspire their colleagues, serve others, contribute to the knowledge base and have a deep passion for their work.

Amanda is an assistant professor of biomedical and computer sciences and a leading expert in high-performance computing and biomedical engineering.  She is the lead developer of a supercomputer program that models blood flow throughout the human body down to the cellular level. This incredible undertaking can help doctors make clinical decisions, such as where to place shunts to best treat life-threatening heart conditions on a patient-by-patient basis. It’s also being used to model how cancerous cells circulate through the bloodstream and end up causing new tumors in new places. Amanda’s entire research enterprise is striving to make a meaningful impact in the lives of patients and families by using their expertise in computation to better understand and treat disease.