Mentor/Mentee Resources

Research Mentoring Resources

Here we provide resources for mentored research training. These will be useful to both CBTE faculty & students and include content made available by the following units: The Graduate School, The School of Medicine, Duke Library, Duke Office of Campus Research and Development, Duke Office for Scientific Integrity (ASIST Office), and the US Department of Health.

CBTE Mentoring Toolkit

Please download a copy of our Mentoring Toolkit for your desktop. This will serve as a one-stop shop with links and contact information for your day-to-day use. Resources will be updated over time, so please share any useful additions with the CBTE Admin Team. 

CBTE Mentoring Toolkit Download 

Navigating Resources

In addition to this resource, the CBTE Admin Team is available to help you navigate and connect to existing offerings. If you want more information, are not sure if a resource is accessible to you, or do not find what you need reach out to us anytime at

Quick Links to More Information

Below we share links to the home pages of campus units that provide research mentoring resources. Unless otherwise stated, all Duke faculty & trainees are eligible to access resources and services.

Mentor Training Resources in the Duke Graduate School

Information Includes: Academic Support Services, Career and Professional Development Resources, Diversity Support Resources

Mentor/Mentee Resources in the Duke School of Medicine

Eligibility: All with a Duke Unique ID can access Mentor Training Resource Documents; Mentor training workshops are accessible to all faculty with primary or secondary appointments in the School of Medicine; in addition, the School of Medicine will collaborate to host a Mentor Training workshop specifically for the CBTE program.

Information Includes: Mentor Training Program Offerings, Mentoring Compact Examples, Professional Development Resources, Mentor/Mentee Assessment Resources, NIH Guidance on choosing a mentor, APA Guidance on Responsible Mentoring for Researchers, Guides for Mentors, Mentee Meeting Checklist

Resources from the Duke University Library

On Scholarly Communications, Copyright Publication, and More

Duke Libraries News, Events, and Exhibits

Graduate Student Services

Information Includes: Resources for Research, Specialized Spaces for Writing & Research, Publication, Teaching, Getting Involved, and Traveling

Resources from the Office of Campus Research Development

Information Includes: A number of grant writing toolkits focusing on either a specific federal funding agency or a specific funding program within a federal funding agency. These toolkits include templates and guidance documents to help write proposals.

Resources from the Duke Advancing Scientific Integrity, Services and Training (Assist) Office

Resources from the US Department of Health & Human Services

RCR Training Resources

Information Includes: RCR Objectives, Interactive Videos, Case Studies, Infographics, General Resources, Newsletter, Blog

Mentoring Resources

Information Includes: Guidebook for Teaching Selected RCR Topics to Culturally Diverse Trainee Groups, Mentoring, Research Mentoring, Tips for Mentoring International Postdocs