Timothy Mwangi


Degree: PhD in BME, 2015

Avisor: Lori Setton

Research Project: Intra-articular Clearance of Silk Microparticles and Macromolecules in Healthy and Arthritic Rat Knee Joints

Research Interests:


  1. Bowles RD, Mata BA, Bell RD, Mwangi TK, Huebner JL, Kraus VB, and Setton LA. In Vivo Luminescence Imaging of NF‐κB Activity and Serum Cytokine Levels Predict Pain Sensitivities in a Rodent Model of Osteoarthritis. Arthritis & Rheumatology 66, no. 3 (2014): 637-646. PMCID: PMC3998669
  2. Mwangi TK, Bowles RD, Tainter DM, RD, Kaplan DL, Setton LA, Synthesis and characterization of silk fibroin microparticles for intra-articular drug delivery. Internat J Pharm (2015)