Jeffrey Schaal

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  • Degree: PhD in BME, 2016 (Expected)
  • Advisor: Ashutosh Chilkoti, Michael Zalutsky
  • Research Project: The Design and Application of Elastin-Like Polypeptides, Incorporating Smart-Targeting Ligands, as Intratumoral Depots for the Delivery of Radioisotopes and Synergistic Therapeutics

Research Interests


  1. W. Liu, JR McDaniel, X Li, D Asai, F Garcia Quiroz, J Schaal, JS Park, MR Zalutsky, A Chilkoti. (2012) "Brachytherapy using injectable seeds that are self-assembled from genetically encoded polypeptides in situ." Cancer Res. 72(22): 5956-65.
  2. Schaal JL, Liu W, Li X, Mastria E, Zalutsky M, Chilkoti A. (Fall 2014) "Efficacy of ELP Brachytherapy Depots in Orthotopic Prostate and Pancreatic Tumor Models." [In progress]
  3. R Mukerji, JL Schaal, X Li, W Liu, A Chilkoti. (Spring 2015) "Development of a photosensitive ELP system for delivery of radionuclides and reactive oxygen species in a subcutaneous tumor model." [In progress]



  1. JL Schaal, Chilkoti A. "Next-Generation Brachytherapy: Preclinical Study of a Thermally-stabilized Biopolymer Gel for Delivering Intratumoral Radionuclide Therapy in a Pancreatic Tumor Mouse Model". 2015 AACR Annual Conference. Philadelphia, PA (April 2015).
  2. JL Schaal, X Li, J Bhattacharrya, S Ray. "The Development of a Thermally Assembled Biopolymeric Depot for the Molecularly-Targeted Delivery of Intratumoral Radiation Therapy." 2014 Kewaunee Annual Lecture. Durham, NC. (April 2014).
  3. JL Schaal, W Liu, A Chilkoti. "Tumor Brachytherapy by an Injectable, Radioactive Polypeptide Conjugate that Coacervates at Body Temperature." 2013 BMES Annual Conference. Seattle, Washington. (sept 2013).
  4. JL Schaal, W Liu, A Chilkoti. "Evaluation of the Antitumoral Efficacy and Toxicity of Ainjectable, ELP Radionuclide Depots in a Non-Invasive Prostate Tumore." 2013 AACR Annual Conference. Washington D.C. (April 2013).


  1. Kewaunee Annual Lecture Poster Award -- Junior Graduate Student (2014)
  2. Duke CBTE Student Service Award (2014)