Benjamin Cosette

Benjamin earned a B.S. in Biomedical Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) in 2017. He is a PhD student in Dr. Joel Collier’s Lab.

Contact Information

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Research Interests

Vaccines and immunotherapies for autoimmune and allergic diseases

Honors and Awards:

Graduated with Distinction from WPI


Martin, J. T., Cottrell, C. T., Antanasijevic, A., Carnathan, D. G., Cossette, B. J., Enemuo, C. A., ... & Irvine, D.J. (2020). Targeting HIV Env immunogens to B cell follicles in non-human primates through immune complex or protein nanoparticle formulations. bioRxiv. (Accepted for publication by npj Vaccines)

Ma, L., Dichwalkar, T., Chang, J. Y., Cossette, B., Garafola, D., Zhang, A. Q., ... & Irvine, D.J. (2019). Enhanced CAR–T cell activity against solid tumors by vaccine boosting through the chimeric receptor. Science, 365(6449), 162-168.

Cirelli, K. M., Carnathan, D. G., Nogal, B., Martin, J. T., Rodriguez, O. L., Upadhyay, A. A., ...Cossette, B. … & Crotty, S. (2019). Slow delivery immunization enhances HIV neutralizing antibody and germinal center responses via modulation of immunodominance. Cell, 177(5), 1153-1171.