Roozbeh Abedini Nassab

Roozbeh earned a BS in Electronics Engineering from Islamic Azad University (Iran) in 2006 and a MS in Electronics Engineering from Shahid Beheshti University (Iran) in 2009. He is a PhD student in Dr. Ben Yellen's Lab.

Contact Information

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Research Interests

As a key member in Benjamin Yellen's lab and the Single Cell Analysis project, Roozbeh is working on the development of a novel platform for organizing and monitoring single cells in microfluidic environments. In many senses, this chip functions analogously to a computer random access memory (RAM), except that cells are manipulated instead of electrons.  The writing function consists of importing or exporting single cells to/from specific array sites. The reading function consists of imaging the phenotype of the cell as a function of time and during exposure to various pharmaceutical compounds or other cells. The motivation for this research project is based on the same scaling principles that underscore the computer revolution, i.e., the ability to organize, monitor, and retrieve large numbers of single cells with relatively few control inputs. The biological goal of this project is to develop a system that enables long-term monitoring of the life cycle of single cells coupled with endpoint gene expression analysis.  The project's primary medical objective is to examine latent HIV-1 infected single CD4+ T cells, and study the efficacy of vorinostat as well as other promising anti-latency compounds. Roozbeh also aim to develop a CD8+/CD4+ cytolytic T cell assay, which allows the cell-cell interactions to be studied and parameterized.


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Awards, Honors & Fellowships:

Winner of all three awards in MEMS retreat for Oral presentation (Oral Presentation Award, Best Oral Presentation Award, and People’s Choice Award), Duke University, USA (2015)

Best Poster Award, Magnetically Stimulated Soft Materials. Conference, University of Georgia, USA. (2015)

MEMS Fellowship, Duke University, USA. (2014)

Editor’s choice award, Recent patents on nanotechnology journal. (2014)

Shanghai Government Scholarship award for PhD studies. (2011-2014)

Infogostar Travel Grant for Factory Visit, Shenzhen, China. (2007)

Infogostar Travel Grant for Conference Presentation, SMMO, Warsaw, Poland. (2007)


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R. Abedini-Nassab, “A large Random Access Memory for Single cell Analysis”, MEMS retreat, Duke University (2015). (Winner of three awards)

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