Alexandria Marchi

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  • Degree: PhD in BME, 2012
  • Advisor: Thomas LaBean, William Reichert
  • Research Project: Advancing DNA-based Nanotechnology Capabilities and Applications

Research Interests


  1. Marchi AN, Saaem I, Vogen BN, Brown S, LaBean TH. Toward larger DNA origami. Nano Lett. 2014 Oct 8;14(10):5740-7.
  2. Hakker L, Marchi AN, Harris KA, LaBean TH, Agris PF. Structural and thermodynamic analysis of modified nucleosides in self-assembled DNA cross-tiles. J Biomol Struct Dyn. 2014;32(2):319-29. 
  3. Marchi AN, Saaem I, Tian J, LaBean TH. One-pot assembly of a hetero-dimeric DNA origami from chip-derived staples and double-stranded scaffold. ACS Nano. 2013 Feb 26;7(2):903-10.
  4. Saaem I, Ma KS, Marchi AN, LaBean TH, Tian J. In situ synthesis of DNA microarray on functionalized cyclic olefin copolymer substrate. ACS Appl Mater Interfaces. 2010 Feb;2(2):491-7. 



  1. Carter, Joshua D. and Thomas H. LaBean, "DNA-Templated Self-assembly of Peptides for Patterned Programmable Deposition of Inorganic Nanomaterials." Presented at CBIMMS Retreat, May 2009.
  2. Saeem, Ishtiaq, Kuo-Sheng Ma, Alexandria N. Marchi, Thomas H. LaBean, and Jingdong Tian. "One Pot Self-assembly of Multi-structure DNA Origami from Chip-derived Oligonucleotides." Presented at CBTE Kwaunee, April 2010 and BME Retreat, May 2010.
  3. Marchi, Alexandria N., Ishtiag Saeem, Jingdong Tian, and Thomas H. LaBean, "Double-sized Fully Addressable DNA Origami Formed from a Double-Stranded Template and Oligonucleotides Amplified off a Chip." Presented at CBTE Kewaunee, April 2011 and BME Retereat, May 2011.



  1. Predoctoral Fellowship in CBTE's NIH Training Program Department of BME
  2. Best Poster -  Kewaunee, Junior Graduate Student Poster (2010)