Kris Cameron Wood

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Assistant Professor of Pharmacology & Cancer Biology

Appointments and Affiliations

  • Assistant Professor of Pharmacology & Cancer Biology
  • Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering
  • Member of the Duke Cancer Institute

Contact Information:

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  • Ph.D. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2007
  • B.S. University of Kentucky at Lexington, 2002

Courses Taught:

  • CMB 710D: Cell & Molecular Biology Module IV
  • MOLCAN 780: Graduate Student Seminar
  • MOLCAN 818: Molecular Mechanisms of Oncogenesis
  • PHARM 393: Research Independent Study
  • PHARM 394: Research Independent Study
  • PHARM 493: Research Independent Study
  • PHARM 494: Research Independent Study
  • PHARM 780S: Graduate Student Seminar
  • PHARM 818: Molecular Mechanisms of Oncogenesis
  • UPGEN 778E: University Program in Genetics and Genomics Biological Solutions Module V

Representative Publications:

  • Winter, PS; Wood, KC, Mapping Effector-Phenotype Landscapes in KRAS-Driven Cancers, Trends in cancer (2018) [10.1016/j.trecan.2018.02.004] [abs].
  • Singleton, KR; Crawford, L; Tsui, E; Manchester, HE; Maertens, O; Liu, X; Liberti, MV; Magpusao, AN; Stein, EM; Tingley, JP; Frederick, DT; Boland, GM; Flaherty, KT; McCall, SJ; Krepler, C; Sproesser, K; Herlyn, M; Adams, DJ; Locasale, JW; Cichowski, K; Mukherjee, S; Wood, KC, Melanoma Therapeutic Strategies that Select against Resistance by Exploiting MYC-Driven Evolutionary Convergence., Cell Reports, vol 21 no. 10 (2017), pp. 2796-2812 [10.1016/j.celrep.2017.11.022] [abs].
  • Anderson, GR; Winter, PS; Lin, KH; Nussbaum, DP; Cakir, M; Stein, EM; Soderquist, RS; Crawford, L; Leeds, JC; Newcomb, R; Stepp, P; Yip, C; Wardell, SE; Tingley, JP; Ali, M; Xu, M; Ryan, M; McCall, SJ; McRee, AJ; Counter, CM; Der, CJ; Wood, KC, A Landscape of Therapeutic Cooperativity in KRAS Mutant Cancers Reveals Principles for Controlling Tumor Evolution., Cell Reports, vol 20 no. 4 (2017), pp. 999-1015 [10.1016/j.celrep.2017.07.006] [abs].
  • Ali, M; Kaltenbrun, E; Anderson, GR; Stephens, SJ; Arena, S; Bardelli, A; Counter, CM; Wood, KC, Codon bias imposes a targetable limitation on KRAS-driven therapeutic resistance., Nature Communications, vol 8 (2017) [10.1038/ncomms15617] [abs].
  • Price, AM; Dai, J; Bazot, Q; Patel, L; Nikitin, PA; Djavadian, R; Winter, PS; Salinas, CA; Barry, AP; Wood, KC; Johannsen, EC; Letai, A; Allday, MJ; Luftig, MA, Epstein-Barr virus ensures B cell survival by uniquely modulating apoptosis at early and late times after infection., eLife, vol 6 (2017) [10.7554/elife.22509] [abs].