Jeff Motschman

Jeff earned a BS in Civil Engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in 2013. He then worked for Dolomite Microfluidics from 2014-2016. There he focused on the development and commerclization of droplet microfluidic systems for applications in single cell analysis and drug delivery. He is a Mechanical Engineering PhD student in Benjamin Yellen’s Lab

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Instrumentation, Microfluidics, Imaging, Single Cell Analysis, Genomics

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Departmental Fellowship, Duke University, Mechanical Engineering and Material Science (2017-2018)

Outstanding Achievement in Research, Council on Undergraduate Research (2013)

Undergraduate Research Fellowship, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (2010-2013)


Ohiri, K., Kelly, S., Motschman, J., Lin, K., Wood, K., and Yellen, B. "A High Throughput Bulk Acoustic Wave Device for the Capture and Compartmentalization of Single Cells” (2018). Lab on a Chip.

Devices, Systems, and Methods for High Throughput Single Cell Analysis. B. Yellen, Y. Li, and J. Motschman. US Provisional Patent (2017).