Garrett Kelly

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Garrett earned a BS in Biomedical Engineering from Duke University in 2014. He is a PhD student in the Chilkoti lab

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Cancer therapy, immunoengineering, drug delivery, biopolymers


  1.  Charlie Cooper, Garrett Kellyand Michael D. Lynch.  Two Stage Optimization of Malonyl-CoA Flux using Dynamic Metabolic  Control. (In preparation)
  2.  Charlie Cooper, Garrett Kelly and Michael D. Lynch. Optimization of a Novel Malonic Acid Production Pathway in E. coli via  Engineering of a Malonic Semialdehyde Dehydrogenase. (In preparation)
  3.   Zhixia Ye, Daniel Rodriguez, Romel Menacho Melgar, Ashley Trahan, Ahmet Bozdag, Garrett Kelly, Wahab Sheikh, Charlie  Cooper, Michelle Luo, Chase Beisel and Michael D. Lynch.  MOMENTUm: Microbial Optimization via MEtabolic  Network TrUncation. (In preparation)


"Microbial Synthesis of Triacetic Acid Lactone." 2014 Visible Thinking. Durham, NC. (April 2014)